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    Slender, well curved body she has no problem commanding attention. Just enough breast to grab your eye and her name describes the motions of her body. She just can't let go of things long enough to let go of the stress. She does the gym, the Psychiatrist, Yoga; even a failed attempt at sex therapy. She won't quit her job or take an extended leave as the Psychiatrist told her she must do. She has even shopped till she dropped, getting some wonderful furs and other fine clothes in the fling; but all has failed to pull her back from the brink of a breakdown. ...

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dirty stories - And painful as he made no pretenses nor any move to hide his actions when he reached down with his free hand and made some not-so-subtle adjustments. "Damn," he quietly whispered to me, "that hurt and had to be taken care of, forthwith!" I was surprised that he would say anything but my mind was distracted when Jack's finger and thumb began to tweak the nipple of my boob. Both nipples went erect in a flash and when my nipples erect, they erect! They jumped out against my bra, setting off a fire in my boobs that traveled inward and downward towards ...

free erotica sex story - Recognized her excitation and moved to her side. He held two large and powerful nipple clips in his hand. He slowly attached each one to Becky's nipples as she screamed with the crushing of her inflamed nipples. Steve finished and I accompanied my Master to fill the position between Becky's splayed legs. I held Master and rubbed him until his cock became engorged with blood, then I pointed his head at her distended sphincter. I put another dollop of grease on her asshole and pushed it inside her with ...

xxx lesbian story - But as we made that last turn onto my street, I finally pulled up my shorts and grabbed my halter from the back seat to put it back in place. No, I wore no bra that night, nor most date nights for quite a while now. As we pulled onto my driveway, Jack said to me, "You smell especially delicious to me right now, Gloria, but I hope your mother is not up to greet you because I don't think she would agree with me!" As I playfully slapped Jack, I said, "You nasty stud you, what a thing to say! But I love it." ...

erotic picture story - Engaged see," I stammered holding up my left hand showing off my sparkling three carat white diamond Tiffany's solitaire. "I was talking about your pearls. They're nice, where did you get them from," Reagan asked, obviously pretending to ignore the fact that I had just severely embarrassed myself by assuming she was coming on to me. "Oh, my pearls! They were a gift. An um, graduation gift from my boyfriend, um my fiance I mean. Yes, Bradley, that's his name. My fiance I mean." I stutter, still nervous and not thinking clearly. ...

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The lips. Brad and I had been dating for 3 years, since our junior year at Brown. We met at a college democrats meeting and I'd been there to support my father, who was running for state Senator. Brad had actually been there to meet me. He claims, after we'd started dating, that he'd seen me around campus campaigning and fell in love at first sight. I don't know if he so much fell in love, as fell in lust; however in our circles my "look" isn't that extraordinary. I have long, straight brunette hair, am about 5'6'' with soft curves, and pert ...

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Along the way home to pick up a guy in a bar. The details she would reveal to me on Friday, when we got back together. The rest of the week seemed to creep by so slowly, but finally it was Friday afternoon. I left work around 4 pm, as I normally do on Fridays. I was home in time to get myself ready for our night out, I took a shower, did my hair and make-up, and chose an outfit to wear. I was in the process of putting on my black-white-pink party outfit which reacts really cool with black light and stuff when I heard the door bell. I ran in my thong downstairs to open the door and let Belinda inside. She ...

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"Is anything wrong?" "Nothing." I moved in front of her trying to look at their face and I noticed her sadness. She reacted: "Do you also judge me?" "But why?" "You must have heard what's been said about me...?" "I don't pay attention to gossip; if I did, I wouldn't even have finished high school..." She whispered in despair: "I have a problem..." "Tell me about it." "My roommate is very conservative, and she no longer stands me. The last thing that she told me was to look for somewhere ...
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To press her pussy again his face. Douglas takes hold of Tammy's fat thighs to keep her still before she falls. "Ohhhh ohhh Shane..." Tammy moans as she leans back and enjoys the Franchise's tongue work. As Tammy is getting eaten out, Francine is on top of the Blue Meanie, riding his freakish cock as hard as she can while all the while sucking Doring's cock. Francine violently squeezes her breasts as she rocks back and forth on Meanie's dick. Tammy is now down on her hands and knees getting fucked doggy style by the Franchise. Douglas slams his cock in and out of Tammy's pussy ...